Crosslane Dutch Developments Team


Olaf Henschen – Managing Director

Prior to joining Crosslane, Olaf was a Director and member of the senior management team at VB Group in the Netherlands where he was responsible for the commercial portfolio team, charged with acquiring, converting and developing, operating and managing as well as maintaining, renting, converting and disposing of a mixture of property assets across residential, retail, industrial, logistics  and office space.

Olaf has also held multiple Director and management positions whilst working on the Dutch housing development at Ballast Nedam. His work as a Development Manager at the Netherlands largest developing company, Bouwfonds, provided him with vast experience in acquiring and developing property in the Netherlands, particularly focussing on residential property and the planning process.

Lee Pors

Lee Pors – Researcher/Project Developer, Crosslane Dutch Developments

Lee joined Crosslane in November 2015 to be responsible for all aspects directly and indirectly related to acquisition and development activities in the Netherlands. Lee’s main tasks will revolve around exploring and identifying market opportunities, performing market research and feasibility analysis, conducting due diligence and advising on potential acquisitions, as well as fostering relationships with 3rd party service providers and partners and providing support on acquisitions of existing student complexes, construction sites and transformation projects.