About Us

Crosslane is an organisation which seeks to discover business opportunities in a variety of different markets, sectors, channels and countries. The Crosslane approach is to identify business potential and through thorough research and market analysis authenticate the opportunity, confirming the required investment and potential yield, gaining independent validation. Only when the evaluation stage is fully complete and return verses risk balance understood, does financing take place, following which a fast development phase takes place growing the business rapidly to generate maximum value.

Crosslane Group

Business ventures usually capitalise on growing market trends, new innovate approaches to a growing market, or by doing something that has not previously been done before, where the proposition is designed to create‘disruption’ in the marketplace, to achieve competitive advantage and market leading status, whilst working at considerable speed. New business are not ‘me- too’ followers, operating in an expected conventional manner, but instead will be unorthodox ‘trail-blazers’ with ambitious market share growth targets, but built on solid foundations of entrepreneurism and strong business expertise.

Put simply, Crosslane sees things differently and develops businesses to create maximum value.

Since its establishment in 2006, Crosslane has grown from strong roots in the North of England has grown throughout the UK and Europe.

Crosslane is in the business of creating successful businesses. We utilise our entrepreneurial expertise to implement our vision of creating value in every market we choose to operate in.

Crosslane focus on industries where we feel we can apply the Crosslane intuition for growth and enhancement or start businesses, which create value for other existing companies within the group, where synergies between the operations of these different businesses can take place, with one supporting or feeding off the other, or a combination of both is more valuable than each independently.